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Earth Day In Lafayette Park

By Mike Jones / April 22, 2021

As the Google Doodle of the day below reminds us, this is Earth Week and Thursday was Earth Day (40th in all, I think.) Lafayette Park celebrated the planting of four new trees today; a…

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Lafayette Park Cleanup Blitz April 10

By Mike Jones / April 4, 2021

Help Wanted.  Volunteers needed to get Lafayette Park ready for spring. Planned work days are Saturday, April 10 and Saturday, April 24 from 9:00 a.m. until noon.   Tasks include cutting back grasses and other dead foliage, filling…

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Using The Lafayette Square Searchable Archives

By Mike Jones / March 7, 2021

A benefit to living in Lafayette Square is our searchable archives, full of neighborhood information and history, down to the house and street and year, and who’s who and why, is available to you anytime,…

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Bob Bischoff Memorial Bench – Please contribute

By Mike Jones / February 22, 2021

The Lafayette Park Conservancy and Lafayette Square neighborhood lost a longtime member and resident on December 23, 2020.  Bob Bischoff served as President of the Conservancy from 2007 to 2011.   A master gardener, he began…

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A Random Walk Through The Lafayette Park Map

By Mike Jones / February 6, 2021

Why walk alone? Here’s a handy guided tour to eight sites well worth seeing on your next stroll through Lafayette Park.

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1896: The Stable History of 1717 Park Avenue

By Mike Jones / January 31, 2021

The Meyerkord building at 1717 Park Avenue houses various law firms and is for sale. I’ve walked past and pondered the motto, “A Legacy of Legal Innovation,” wondering how innovation factors into personal injury litigation.…

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2020: The Big Dig In Lafayette Square

By Mike Jones / January 8, 2021

Out walking the dog this morning, I was stunned by a discovery at the dig site for the new apartments along Chouteau Avenue. Here’s what it was… Praxair is a compressed gases company, and once…

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2002: The Fall of Malcolm Bliss

By Mike Jones / December 27, 2020

Here’s an early photo from the best days of the Malcolm Bliss Psychiatric Hospital. The word “bliss” seems an interesting choice for a psychiatric health facility. As if the more you engage with the real…

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1892 – The Speaking Tubes Of Lafayette Square

By Mike Jones / July 12, 2020

1892: The Speaking Tubes Of Lafayette Square A reference to ‘speaking tubes’ appeared during a look at old real estate listings around Lafayette Square. Being from split level suburbia, I’d never heard of them.  …

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1875 – The Lafayette Square Hotel

By Mike Jones / June 28, 2020

Sometimes a three story hotel on a conspicuous corner will simply disappear. Here’s the story of one in Lafayette Square.

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