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History of the Lafayette Park Fence

By Mike Jones / October 22, 2021

An LPC Presentation; November 14, 3:00 pm The Lafayette Park Conservancy presents A History of the Lafayette Park Fence in its autumn speaker series; Sunday, October 14, 2021 at the Kern Pavilion in Lafayette Park.…

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1967 – Tales From Two Lafayette Square Pharmacies

By Mike Jones / October 10, 2021

Lafayette Square is conveniently located. You can reach three different interstate highways, headed to who-knows-where, within a couple of minutes. If you want to access I-44 West, about 200 feet from the on-ramp to I-55…

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1971: The Lafayette Square Restoration Plan

By Mike Jones / July 24, 2021

The New York Times of May 27, 2021 has a fascinating study into the long term social and economic costs of America’s drive to accommodate the automobile after World War II. It wasn’t just St.…

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1968: A Black Hip Session In Lafayette Park

By Mike Jones / June 25, 2021

An officially sanctioned “black hip session” seemed unlikely in Lafayette Park during the summer of 1968, but it happened. There have been books written about the single year significance of 1968 in America. It kicked off…

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Earth Day In Lafayette Park

By Mike Jones / April 22, 2021

As the Google Doodle of the day below reminds us, this is Earth Week and Thursday was Earth Day (40th in all, I think.) Lafayette Park celebrated the planting of four new trees today; a…

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Lafayette Park Cleanup Blitz April 10

By Mike Jones / April 4, 2021

Help Wanted.  Volunteers needed to get Lafayette Park ready for spring. Planned work days are Saturday, April 10 and Saturday, April 24 from 9:00 a.m. until noon.   Tasks include cutting back grasses and other dead foliage, filling…

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Using The Lafayette Square Searchable Archives

By Mike Jones / March 7, 2021

A benefit to living in Lafayette Square is our searchable archives, full of neighborhood information and history, down to the house and street and year, and who’s who and why, is available to you anytime,…

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Bob Bischoff Memorial Bench – Please contribute

By Mike Jones / February 22, 2021

The Lafayette Park Conservancy and Lafayette Square neighborhood lost a longtime member and resident on December 23, 2020.  Bob Bischoff served as President of the Conservancy from 2007 to 2011.   A master gardener, he began…

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A Random Walk Through The Lafayette Park Map

By Mike Jones / February 6, 2021

Why walk alone? Here’s a handy guided tour to eight sites well worth seeing on your next stroll through Lafayette Park.

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1896: The Stable History of 1717 Park Avenue

By Mike Jones / January 31, 2021

The Meyerkord building at 1717 Park Avenue houses various law firms and is for sale. I’ve walked past and pondered the motto, “A Legacy of Legal Innovation,” wondering how innovation factors into personal injury litigation.…

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