Lafayette Square Strategic Plan

The Lafayette Square Strategic Plan is a community informed planning effort to imagine the future of Lafayette Square and develop a roadmap for achieving our vision. The end result, published in 2020, was  a five-year strategic plan that establishes goals, actions and potential funding strategies to support the long-term vision.

The planning process...

  • Used community input gathered through neighborhood meetings, popups, and surveys to determine a vision for the future and focus areas for our strategic plan;
  • Considered demographic and economic trends and how we can respond to them proactively;
  • Evaluated Lafayette Square’s neighborhood-based organizations and how they can work together, along with others, to meet neighborhood needs; and
  • Evaluated current resources and potential funding mechanisms needed to implement the neighborhood’s vision and goals and gather public input on funding options.

Many organizations and individuals are involved in implementing the Plan. Existing neighborhood-based organizations including the Lafayette Park Conservancy, the Lafayette Square Arts Council and the Lafayette Square Restoration Committee (LSRC) are all involved, but moving Lafayette Square forward will require all of us.

About the Plan

The planning effort was sponsored by the Lafayette Square Restoration Committee with participation from the Lafayette Park Conservancy, the Lafayette Square Arts Council and local businesses and residents. Shockey Consulting helped develop the Plan and facilitated an extensive public engagement process. An Advisory Committee of local residents and businesses worked closely with Shockey to make sure the process and the Plan itself reflected the community’s interests. The Committee included representatives from the Lafayette Square Restoration Committee, Lafayette Park Conservancy, Lafayette Square Arts Council, local businesses, and others.

Strategic Plan Document

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