Lafayette Square Business Affairs Committee

About the Committee

The Lafayette Square Business Affairs Committee (formerly known as the LSBA) strives to create an engaging destination for residents and visitors alike in our beautiful small town in the city. Members make valuable contacts and gain access to networking opportunities, coaching, mentoring, support, and ideas.

Members also receive access to online resources to advertise for upcoming events and special activities, direct access to the Security and Safety program in Lafayette Square, partnership in beautification activities for public and private spaces in Lafayette Square, and civic leadership opportunities.

Business Affairs is a committee of the LSNA and represents an eclectic mix of small businesses working together to promote healthy local commerce. Members must be business owners in Lafayette Squares. Members, or their assigned representative, may vote on behalf of their business in elections and other official business of the LSNA.

Contact Bart Lissner at for any questions and to join.

Why join?

Networking & Education Opportunities

  • Valuable contacts and access to a wealth of useful information.
  • Opportunities for networking opportunities, taking a leadership role in the neighborhood, and forging ties with other business owners who have similar concerns.
  • Rich ongoing sources of coaching, mentoring, support and ideas.

Neighborhood News & Community Support

  • Online resources and web site - with access to the email group regarding upcoming events, special activities, and content on a variety of topics.
  • Direct access to the Security and Safety program in Lafayette Square.
  • Partnership in beautification activity for public and private spaces in Lafayette Square.
  • Civic leadership – partnering to sponsor community activities, access city officials, and to strengthen our community.


  • Very affordable - only $150 annually. Members are also often offered discounts/waived fees at neighborhood events.

To see current Business Committee Members, click here.

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