Lafayette Square Historical Archives

Welcome to the Lafayette Square Historical Archives. Our charter is to collect, curate, and share our history in electronic form. If you’ve got a photo or document you’d like added, please contact The map pictured above is eastern Lafayette Square, from Compton & Dry’s 1875 Pictorial St. Louis. You can read more about this map’s invaluable view of our past here.

1918 – Mothers And Babies Tent Camps In Lafayette Park May 12, 2019 - The awareness of social ills and the burgeoning womens movement of the early 20th century found common cause in the drive to give city babies a cool nights sleep in sultry St Louis. Read it here.
1884 – Henry Vogel Cartoons St Louis In Detail April 28, 2019 - City promotions seemed bigger and more graphic in 1884. St Louis was feeling its oats, and Henry Vogel drew it out for us.
1939 – Today: The German House In The St Louis House Years March 31, 2019 - Here's the big wind-up to our six episode treatment of the German House/St Louis House. Hold on to your seats - there's a lot to cover here!
Lafayette Square House Tour Poster Sale Sunday 1-5pm At The Park House March 30, 2019 - Celebrating 50 years of Lafayette Square! As a prelude to Lafayette Square's 50th Annual House Tour on June 1st and 2nd, the LSRC is offering a rare opportunity to purchase house tour posters not only from the previous Spring and Garden Tours but also a number of Holiday Parlor Tours throughout the years. All years Continue Reading
German House/St Louis House Bowling Through The Years March 24, 2019 - Rolling along with a history of German House/St Louis House. Here, an examination of the rise and fall of bowling in Lafayette Square
1956: German House/St Louis House Hosts The Symphony March 17, 2019 - Part four of our visit to the German House finds the St Louis Symphony hard at work. Shhh... let's listen in.
1946: German House/St Louis House Welcomes The Teen Thirty Club March 10, 2019 - Say what you will of 2345 Lafayette Avenue - that old building could jump!
German House/ St Louis House: The Spiritualists March 3, 2019 -   In this episode we resume piecing together the mystical story of a four story building at 2345 Lafayette Avenue. Here, we take a walk in faith along an assortment of entrepreneurial pathways to Heaven, when the instruments of salvation chose to land at the St Louis House and gathered up wool from the local Continue Reading
German House/St Louis House: The Earliest Years  1928-1942 February 24, 2019 - 2345 Lafayette Avenue is for sale. Our largest, newest and arguably least understood building. Tuck into the first of six essays bringing it back to life.
Coming Sunday – The First In A Six Part Series On The German House/St Louis House February 21, 2019 -                   2345 Lafayette Avenue, at that street’s intersection with Jefferson Avenue, is one of the newest, most heavily documented, yet least understood structures in Lafayette Square. The Lafayette Square Archives has done its research to wind back the clock on Das Deutsche Haus, and serve it up Continue Reading