Lafayette Square Historical Archives

Welcome to the Lafayette Square Historical Archives. Our charter is to collect, curate, and share our history in electronic form. If you’ve got a photo or document you’d like added, please contact The map pictured above is eastern Lafayette Square, from Compton & Dry’s 1875 Pictorial St. Louis. You can read more about this map’s invaluable view of our past here.

The Iron Men Of Lafayette Square – Part One: The Pullis Brothers July 7, 2019 - Ornamental iron was big business in St Louis in the late 1800's. A family with many connections to Lafayette Square made hay with iron. You can find their name on storefronts all South City.
A Spark in the Park: Lightning Bugs June 24, 2019 - Fireflies and the local history of what's going on behind them.
The Matchless Piano Men Of Lafayette Square June 12, 2019 - Matches and Piano Music? Sounds incongruous, but opportunity was where you found it in Lafayette Square
1995 – Ruth Weighs In On A Lafayette Square Milestone June 2, 2019 - Some timeless reminiscences of the early turnaround of Lafayette Square, from one who knew.
1918 – Mothers And Babies Tent Camps In Lafayette Park May 12, 2019 - The awareness of social ills and the burgeoning womens movement of the early 20th century found common cause in the drive to give city babies a cool nights sleep in sultry St Louis. Read it here.
1884 – Henry Vogel Cartoons St Louis In Detail April 28, 2019 - City promotions seemed bigger and more graphic in 1884. St Louis was feeling its oats, and Henry Vogel drew it out for us.
1939 – Today: The German House In The St Louis House Years March 31, 2019 - Here's the big wind-up to our six episode treatment of the German House/St Louis House. Hold on to your seats - there's a lot to cover here!
Lafayette Square House Tour Poster Sale Sunday 1-5pm At The Park House March 30, 2019 - Celebrating 50 years of Lafayette Square! As a prelude to Lafayette Square's 50th Annual House Tour on June 1st and 2nd, the LSRC is offering a rare opportunity to purchase house tour posters not only from the previous Spring and Garden Tours but also a number of Holiday Parlor Tours throughout the years. All years Continue Reading
German House/St Louis House Bowling Through The Years March 24, 2019 - Rolling along with a history of German House/St Louis House. Here, an examination of the rise and fall of bowling in Lafayette Square
1956: German House/St Louis House Hosts The Symphony March 17, 2019 - Part four of our visit to the German House finds the St Louis Symphony hard at work. Shhh... let's listen in.