1859 – Waverly Place Real Estate Ad

Below is a description of Waverly Place by an enthusiastic real estate broker in the Daily Missouri Republican of June 23 1859:


“We feel perfectly safe in presuming that few if any of our readers are of such cold and indifferent composition as to be insensible to the charms of magnificent scenery. 

Who has visited Niagara except the tailor, whose exclamation was, “What a capital place to sponge a coat!”without being overpowered by its grandeur?

Who can look upon a glorious landscape without his soul being filled to its utmost capacity with the most exquisite and satisfying emotions? 

Seldom, however, is the denizen of the city, cribbed, cabined and confined, as he is, amid its countless piles of brick and mortar, shutting out almost from his view the blue arch over head, permitted the gratification of this, the higher and better portion of his nature, unless he avail himself, as he may easily, in this vicinity of the opportunity of erecting his “hearth stone,” in some rural and favored locality, such, for instance, as Waverly Place, the merits of which are set forth in our advertising columns by Mr. J.H. Obear, the auctioneer. 

Those who dwell continually amid scenes of natural beauty should give attention to the sale which is to occur at Waverly Place next Wednesday.” 

Waverly Place was a name rather whimsically chosen by Charles Gibson to the roadway through his estate across from Lafayette Park. He developed parcels to the south of his residence on this new street. Here’s a deeper dive into both.

Link To Waverly/Gibson Essay

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