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1896: The Stable History of 1717 Park Avenue

By Mike Jones / January 31, 2021

The Meyerkord building at 1717 Park Avenue houses various law firms and is for sale. I’ve walked past and pondered the motto, “A Legacy of Legal Innovation,” wondering how innovation factors into personal injury litigation.…

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1875 – The Lafayette Square Hotel

By Mike Jones / June 28, 2020

Sometimes a three story hotel on a conspicuous corner will simply disappear. Here’s the story of one in Lafayette Square.

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1887 – The Horses and Manure of Lafayette Square

By Mike Jones / June 7, 2020

A recollection of the horses that worked Park Avenue, and what they left behind.

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From The Lafayette Square Archives – Dig In To Your Own House History Here

By Mike Jones / June 5, 2020

Curious about how your house got its start? Mike Boyd of Lafayette Square has news for you.

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1970 – The Birth Of The Lafayette Square Restoration Committee

By Mike Jones / April 12, 2020

From the St Louis Post Dispatch Sunday, April 19, 1970 Gerald J. Meyer of the P-D Staff Editor note: The following article is verbatim, with only the specific homeowner profiles summarized. The newspaper itself was…

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1859 – Waverly Place Real Estate Ad

By Mike Jones / February 2, 2020

Hey, Waverly Place is where you want to be, if you’re looking for land in 1859.

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1994 – The Street Names Of Lafayette Square

By Mike Jones / January 5, 2020

A tidy little compendium of how Lafayette Square streets got their names.

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1903 – Sanford Map Reveals The Businesses of Lafayette Square

By Mike Jones / September 22, 2019

Old fire insurance maps can tell you a lot about the neighborhood we inherited from another time; in this case 1903 and 1908. Read on…

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