Park Projects Nearing Completion

Several years ago the voters approved a sale of bonds to improve St. Louis’ park system. The larger parks in the system got large sums (Forest Park got about half), and the rest of the parks split the remainder based on their acreage. At just under 30 acres, Lafayette Park received a significant allotment for […]

54th Annual Washington’s Birthday Commemoration

By Carolyn Willmore The Lafayette Park Conservancy held a reception for the Cornelia Greene Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution prior to their annual wreath laying. The 54th ceremony took place on a rainy, rainy day, so most of the ceremony was held in the Park House following the reception. Peggy Swing, Regent […]

New Lafayette Park Lecture Series

This fall, the Lafayette Park Conservancy will host a series of three lectures about different aspects of the history of Lafayette Park and the Lafayette Square neighborhood. All the lectures will be held in the Kern Pavilion and begin at 3 p.m. The Photos of Dr. William Swekosky: The Dentist who became the ‘Pallbearer of Old St. Louis’

Sunday, September 9, 2018
 Beginning […]

Urban Plan Update

By Linda Weiner The Urban Plan Update Committee took a bit of a hiatus but began meeting again in April as a response to priorities set by the new President and Board. As the Chouteau Partners Group has begun meeting with the neighborhood and City with exciting plans to develop some of the last of […]

Wellbeing Brewery Beers

Longtime residents start Non-Alcoholic Craft Brewing Company

This past January, a long time Lafayette Square couple, Jeff Stevens and Genevieve Barlow, started The WellBeing Brewing Company, one of the very first Non-Alcoholic (NA) craft brewing companies in the country. We sat down to chat with them about their new venture. Why did you decide to start the WellBeing Brewing Company? We get asked […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Mike & Pat Jones

How many years have you lived in Lafayette Square? We have lived in Lafayette Square for a little over four years, or 28 dog years as Mike puts it! What is your occupation? Volunteers and parents to two wonderful grown children and to Bix, a two-year old mixed cattle dog who makes sure we “get […]

1902 St Louis Central District Police Officers

1888 – Ignorance Of The Law Was No Excuse

It is true that archivists are a form of non-destructive bookworm. I prefer to think of myself more as an old pioneer panning for gold in the cold stream of time. In that spirit, I submit something I ran across recently; from an 1888 version of the booklet “Police Guide And Directory Of St Louis”. Here, […]

Emiliano Zapata

1889 – Joseph M Schnaider’s Second Act

 The 1880’s were a time of rapid technological change in the beer world, creating a business advantage for those who knew how to play it. One of the first breakthroughs was mechanical refrigeration, which eliminated the need for caves, allowed for year-round production, and when extended to railway boxcars, enabled regional and national distribution. Mass […]