1984 – Restorationist Holiday Cheer From Lafayette Square

In the December issue of the 1984 Lafayette Square Marquis, Dorothy Strasser of  the Marquis staff (pictured here with husband John at the 1984 Victorian Ball) offered her interpretations of a few seasonal favorites. They contained a touch of sly editorial innuendo. Bear in mind that the Strassers have invested over 45 years in their Lafayette Square home. As Dorothy put it, “The only thing that works in a 100 year old home are the people who live there.” Reprinted for your enjoyment, and with all our best holiday wishes:

Pogo decked the halls with Boston Charlie, Charlie Brown has his pumpkin carols and now all you restorers out there can have your own Lafayette Square Christmas carols.

Herewith are a few little gems to get you started off on a merry, merry Christmas


Patch the halls with

Tons of plaster,

Fa la la, la la, la la, la la.

Failing ceiling 

Spells disaster,

Fa la la, la la, la la, la la

Don we now our grubby work clothes

Fa la la, la la la, la la la.

That’s the way the family debt grows

Fa la la, la la, la la, la la.


God rest ye merry contractor 

Holiday Parlor Tour 1984: From Left – Connie Gabler, Mary Jane Meyer (seated), Carolyn McAvoy, Lew Frazier, Dorothy Strasser

Let nothing you delay

I’ll wait until tomorrow

Though you said “yesterday”

You’d fix my leaky guttering 

That will not go away

O, tidings of comfort and joy, 

Comfort and joy

O, tidings of comfort and joy. 


Pigeons we have heard on high,                    

Sweetly cooing on the slate. 

Every dawn you see them fly, 

spotting roofs to desecrate. 

Mike Jones

A veteran of volunteer stints with the Missouri History Museum and Missouri State Archives. Constantly curious about what lies beneath the surfaces of Lafayette Square. Check out my Archives website at https://www.lafayettesquarearchives.com

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