Perfectos Improvise During a Rain-out

Although Lafayette Square’s vintage base ball field was scheduled to host a match between the St. Louis Perfectos and the St. Louis Unions (home field: Jefferson Barracks) on Saturday, May 30th, the intermittent rain kept too many ballists away to have a proper match.

Undeterred, several Perfectos still showed up and—instead of a full-on match—held batting practice.


David “Dixie” Curry strikes the ball.

Because the team doesn’t hold practice sessions, Saturday’s rain-out turned out to be a welcome change of pace. Brad “Chatterbox” Waller served as hurler (pitcher) and noted, “If we hit as well during regular games as we hit today, we’d have a perfect record.”


Saturday’s batting practice was a light-hearted affair, as evidenced by Lee “Shady” Armstrong’s mid-field yoga pose. L-R: Lee “Shady” Armstrong, David “Dixie” Curry, and Mark “King” Kennedy.

The field was a mix of the 2010s and the 1860s as several players changed out of their vintage uniforms into more contemporary athletic clothes. The vintage uniforms, as well as the rules and terminology of the game, is based on those of the 1860s.

Perfectos-3 L-R: David “Dixie” Curry, Mark “King” Kennedy, Matt “Pitchfork” Burgdorf, Eddie “Cyclone” Pfeiffer, Lee “Shady” Armstrong, and Brad “Chatterbox” Waller.

Come cheer on your St. Louis Perfectos and their sister club, the Lafayette Square Cyclones, during the Shepard Barclay Festival. The festival will be played during both days of the Spring Home and Garden Tour, June 6th and 7th, at the vintage base ball field, near the corner of Missouri and Park.

For more Perfectos stories, photos, and information, see their Facebook page at

By Emily O’Brien

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Kacey moved to Lafayette Square in 2011 and spent some time as the LSRC Treasurer. She works in affordable housing finance. Her favorite building in the neighborhood is the old yeast factory on 18th.

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