SLU Volunteers Spring 2015

Volunteers Make the World Go ‘Round

SLU Volunteers Spring 2015
Volunteers are an essential part of keeping our green space beautiful in Lafayette Square and building a sense of community. As we approach the end of summer, we’d like to recognize some of those who have contributed their time and talents for the benefit of us all.
Superstars within the neighborhood are Mary Visintainer and her husband Dave as well as Linda Pallman who spearheaded the beautification of the Plaza; Keith Welsh, Scott Gusman and Mitchell Hunt who care for the SE sector of Lafayette Square; Tim Bolt who has transformed the mini park; Gwen Williams and Carolyn McAvoy who work on the entrance to Lafayette Park at Benton Place; Vicki Houghton and a multitude of volunteers in Lafayette Park; and Alicia Pierce, Charlie Hoffman, and other gardeners who volunteer to weed and water at the community garden.
Outside the neighborhood, Brightside St. Louis and Gateway Greening connect us with community service volunteers from St. Louis University, Washington University, and business groups from U.S. Bank and other businesses who utilize the opportunity for team building in the fresh air.
If you’d like to lend a hand, please contact us here.
We thank all of our volunteers!
Linda Weiner
Lafayette Square Beautification


Kacey moved to Lafayette Square in 2011 and spent some time as the LSRC Treasurer. She works in affordable housing finance. Her favorite building in the neighborhood is the old yeast factory on 18th.

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