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1970 – The Birth Of The Lafayette Square Restoration Committee

By Mike Jones / April 12, 2020

From the St Louis Post Dispatch Sunday, April 19, 1970 Gerald J. Meyer of the P-D Staff Editor note: The following article is verbatim, with only the specific homeowner profiles summarized. The newspaper itself was…

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1849: We Got This – The St Louis Cholera Epidemic

By Mike Jones / March 29, 2020

What St Louis citizens once accomplished in the absence of a coordinated governmental response to a clear and present threat.

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1859 – Waverly Place Real Estate Ad

By Mike Jones / February 2, 2020

Hey, Waverly Place is where you want to be, if you’re looking for land in 1859.

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1903: A Photographic Walk Around Lafayette Park

By Mike Jones / September 29, 2019

Enjoy a virtual walk around Lafayette Park in early 1900’s.

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1995 – Ruth Weighs In On A Lafayette Square Milestone

By Mike Jones / June 2, 2019

Some timeless reminiscences of the early turnaround of Lafayette Square, from one who knew.

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1984 – Restorationist Holiday Cheer From Lafayette Square

By Mike Jones / December 16, 2018

These weren’t always doll houses, y’know… Written by one who knows that tough folks manage to laugh through tough times

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