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Historical Archives

Welcome to the Lafayette Square Archives. This is an effort we aim to sustain over time, collecting, cataloging, and sharing the history of the Square, with a special focus on the years of renewal here; say from 1968 on.

We currently have several hundred documents, 92 house tour booklets, and many photos scanned into pdf format in the archives. We’re collecting more all the time, and will share the stories we uncover in future postings.

Content without context is just a data dump – we’ll try to avoid that.  You’re welcomed and encouraged to submit your own stories and memories to archives@lafayettesquare.org.

The big idea is to develop a deeper appreciation of where we’ve been and how we got here, as a community.

The Lafayette Square Archives blog is a work now in progress. With your input, it will only get better as it develops.


Mike Jones

Managing editor of the Archives section, and a veteran of volunteer stints with the Missouri History Museum and Missouri State Archives. Constantly curious about what lies beneath the surfaces of Lafayette Square.


1849: We Got This – The St Louis Cholera Epidemic

What St Louis citizens once accomplished in the absence of a coordinated governmental response to a clear and present threat.


1967 – Tales From Two Lafayette Square Pharmacies

A convenient feature of living in Lafayette Square is that you can be on three different interstate highways, headed to who-knows-where, within a couple of minutes. If you want to…


1859 – Waverly Place Real Estate Ad

Hey, Waverly Place is where you want to be, if you’re looking for land in 1859.


1994 – The Street Names Of Lafayette Square

A tidy little compendium of how Lafayette Square streets got their names.


1903: A Photographic Walk Around Lafayette Park

Enjoy a virtual walk around Lafayette Park in early 1900’s.

1903 streets

1903 – Sanford Map Reveals The Businesses of Lafayette Square

Old fire insurance maps can tell you a lot about the neighborhood we inherited from another time; in this case 1903 and 1908. Read on…