Photo Contest Entries Capture Stunning Views of Lafayette Square

We knew, just from seeing the pictures our neighbors post on social media, that we had some passionate and talented photographers in the neighborhood. So when the Lafayette Square Restoration Committee (LSRC) launched its initiative to create a new online "home" for Lafayette Square we decided to sponsor a photo contest.

The inaugural Lafayette Square Photo Contest was quite a success! From pictures of the park and its beautiful features, to the restaurants and their delicious dishes - we got it all!

You'll see these gorgeous shots in our Photo Gallery and throughout the site, but we wanted to share a little bit from each of our contest winners about why they love The Square and/or what inspired their photo.

Photo by Jamie Shahmirzadi

"Just as our swans are majestic and unique, so is the Lafayette Square. The swan is symbolic of beauty and elegance which mimics our neighborhood."

1st Place winner, Jamie Shahmirzadi

Photo by Brett Crow

"The lake, bridge, and pavilion, as well as the hidden botanical path on the west end of the park are two of the most striking features of Lafayette Square Park for me."

2nd Place Winner, Brett Crow

Photo by Jason Timblin

"Lafayette Square is such a beautiful setting and fosters such a strong sense of community. I was just walking around the park trying to take some photos that represented the feel of living in the neighborhood when I took the photo of the cyclist through the fence."

3rd Place Winner, Jason Timblin

Photo by Nicole Holst

"There is nothing quite like the first snowfall of the season in Lafayette Square. It stops you in your tracks. Demands attention. Time Slows. That perfect moment, untouched and pristine."

4th Place Winner, Nicole Holst

Keep an eye out for the many more amazing photos submitted, as they will be featured on the new website, social media outlets, and in print for years to come! Thank you again to all of those who participated. And, start collecting new photos for next year's contest!