1976 – The Second Holiday House Tour



Lafayette Square has always taken pride in it’s beautiful Victorian period homes, and we’ve hosted annual Spring House Tours now for 50 years running. It involves a lot of people to roll out such a large welcome mat, and you’re ¬†cordially welcome to join us for the day.

The neighborhood’s ¬†holiday house tours have been going on nearly as long, and can be traced back to 1975. Though it’s difficult to prove that they’ve run continuously for all those years, it’s always worth setting aside the first Sunday of December and starting a holiday tradition of your own.

This year’s tour booklet goes 33 pages. The second one, from 1976, was four pages, one of which was blank. We must have printed it on a tight timeline, as I know this neighborhood always has a lot to say. Anyway, it’s aged and bedraggled, but here for the memory: just follow the link below.


Note: We still ask that you refrain from smoking and drinking in the homes!