Volunteer Spotlight: Mike & Pat Jones

How many years have you lived in Lafayette Square? We have lived in Lafayette Square for a little over four years, or 28 dog years as Mike puts it! What is your occupation? Volunteers and parents to two wonderful grown children and to Bix, a two-year old mixed cattle dog who makes sure we “get […]

1902 St Louis Central District Police Officers

1888 – Ignorance Of The Law Was No Excuse

It is true that archivists are a form of non-destructive bookworm. I prefer to think of myself more as an old pioneer panning for gold in the cold stream of time. In that spirit, I submit something I ran across recently; from an 1888 version of the booklet “Police Guide And Directory Of St Louis”. Here, […]

Emiliano Zapata

1889 – Joseph M Schnaider’s Second Act

 The 1880’s were a time of rapid technological change in the beer world, creating a business advantage for those who knew how to play it. One of the first breakthroughs was mechanical refrigeration, which eliminated the need for caves, allowed for year-round production, and when extended to railway boxcars, enabled regional and national distribution. Mass […]