Lafayette Square Restoration Committee to Accept Proposals for Website Design

As one of the initiatives outlined in the newly released Strategic Plan for Lafayette Square, the LSRC has committed to a complete redesign of their website.

It is encouraged for residents and stakeholders of Lafayette Square to review the Request for Proposal published here and pass it on to web developers who they believe will not only deliver excellent design and execution, but will also bring a level of communication and marketing expertise to the project. 

Objectives outlined in the RFP are as follows:

● Raise the level of positive activity in the Lafayette Square neighborhood

● Increase visibility of volunteer opportunities

● Improve ease of volunteer sign up and organization of efforts

● Provide transparency into LSRC role and functionality

● Improve e-commerce functionality to drive sales of:

○ Association memberships
○ Event tickets
○ Commemorative bricks
○ Merchandise

● Improve e-commerce functionality to drive donation activity such as:

○ Legacy and stock giving
○ Matching donation listings
○ Specific fund contributions (i.e. fountain, benches, etc …)

● Promote neighborhood businesses.

● Reduce time, effort and cost associated with ongoing website maintenance and updates. (Make it easier for non-technical users to manage and update the site).

● Provide resources for LSRC residential and business members.

● Provide resources for residents.

Estimated Timeline Details:

RFP to be Published: June 4, 2020
Responses Due: EOD June 15, 2020
Finalists Selected & Contacted : EOD June 22, 2020
Winner Selected & Contacted : EOD July 1, 2020
Project Kick-off : Determined by Availability
New Website Launch Target Date: September 1, 2020

View and Download the full LSRC Website RFP

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