June 12, 7pm – Sqwires Annex – Archives Database Demo. Join Us!

You’re at the entrance to Benton Place, our beautiful looping cul-de-sac. You see this and wonder. That’s why the Lafayette Square Archives exist. We mine, preserve and share our neighborhood history, to help feed that curiosity. What we have here is fragile and easily lost. An appreciation of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come can feed your enthusiasm for helping move Lafayette Square forward. 

At 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 12th, in Sqwires Annex on South 18th Street, The Lafayette Square Archives will demonstrate its new online searchable Archives database. It’s a convenient and fairly comprehensive way for you to dig into the past, meet our early residents, and get to know our iconic park and rare homes. It’s your ticket to a ride into our past. Search by year, by category, by address or name or keyword. Or… let the Randomizer pick something for you.  It’s pretty much all there for the discovery, and it grows every week. 

It’s also free and works on almost any electronic web-enabled device you use. Please join us during the regularly scheduled LSRC meeting for a quick run-through. We think you’ll approve.