From The Lafayette Square Archives – Dig In To Your Own House History Here

Michael Boyd is a long-standing member of the Lafayette Square community with a singular focus on our rich architectural legacy. In fact, he is known as the “Architective” of the neighborhood, and rightly so, as he constantly uncovers the back story of our historic homes.

The Lafayette Square Archives is pleased to showcase his recent contribution to this shared approach to our heritage. It’s an extensive listing of the architects who originally designed our homes, churches, and places of business. Beyond that, it describes who the original owners were, the year each building came to be, and often the price paid for construction. If the first structure on the lot was razed, that’s generally noted as well.

A cursory count included nearly 30 architects and over 100 properties in Lafayette Square. And he’s not done – we expect to expand this work over time with your help. If you can add information regarding the origins of your house, Michael would welcome the input. Contact him at

Please take a look and see what you might learn about your own home. Just direct your browser to  and enter “Lafayette Square Architect”, or 7A 2019 115 d.

Nicely done, Architective!

Mike Jones

Managing editor of the Archives section, and a veteran of volunteer stints with the Missouri History Museum and Missouri State Archives. Constantly curious about what lies beneath the surfaces of Lafayette Square.

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