Earth Day In Lafayette Park

As the Google Doodle of the day below reminds us, this is Earth Week and Thursday was Earth Day (40th in all, I think.) Lafayette Park celebrated the planting of four new trees today; a Washington Hawthorn, Catalpa, Black Oak, and Marsol grafted Chestnut. These are installed in the same spirit as those who kindly thought to plant shade trees that their children and grandchildren could enjoy.

Along with our professional partners at Hansen Tree Services and St. Louis City Forestry, and fueled by a generous $10,000 TRIM (Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance) grant from the Missouri Department of Conservation, The Lafayette Park Conservancy is strategic in its forest management.

The needs of our urban canopy, from planting to trimming and disease protection, are many. Most of the work is volunteer, but it takes people’s thoughtfulness to help subsidize the many costs involved.

Please consider donating to the Lafayette Park Conservancy, specifying tree fund. The link is Thanks!

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Mike Jones

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