Drawings of Lafayette Square From 1970

I’ve come across a terrific series of drawings, originally published in St Louis Commerce magazine in May of 1970.

The drawings are by George Conrey, who was head of the art department at the Post-Dispatch in the early 1960’s. The magazine itself was a periodical from what is now known as the St Louis Regional Chamber Of Commerce. It began publication way back in 1918, about the time George was graduating art school at Washington University. It ceased operations in 2012.

The original article was a dark drab green.  I’ve lightened the drawings up considerably to reveal detail and make the text more readable. I’ve also isolated the images, which were originally together on three pages. Otherwise, it is as it was, 48 years ago.

Above: “The home of John A, Bryan, one of the first to return to Benton Place in recent times, has a commanding view of the city, as do the other homes on the street. Bryan has written an interesting historical account of the area.” 

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