LSRC President

Dear Neighbors and Visitors,

As the Lafayette Square Restoration Committee (LSRC) begins its 51st year as the neighborhood association of Lafayette Square, I want to look back to 1969 and thank those young people who took a chance on a mostly dilapidated neighborhood and an “old” park–who saw through the rubble and overgrown lots and rolled up their sleeves to create one of the most beautiful historic districts in the country.

As part of looking forward to the future, LSRC recently funded a 5 year Strategic Plan which an outside consulting firm dug deep and examined who we are and where we would like to go–it was a comprehensive and revealing study. The vision created was one of continuing to be a beautiful, vibrant, and welcoming neighborhood, committed to celebrating and maintaining its historical heritage while adapting to the diverse needs of today’s residents, business owners and visitors. We have lots of goals over the next five years with great ideas to keep doing what we do best–working to make this neighborhood a place to proudly call home, a place where visitors want to come and enjoy our businesses and a place with a beautiful park for all to enjoy.

We have certainly overcome many challenges to get to the current state of affairs and we wholeheartedly continue to look towards the future with ongoing improvements–always striving to increase the quality of life in a neighborhood that was primarily built for the 19th Century but living in the 21st Century.

Although it has been said many times about living in Lafayette Square, (we heard it nearly 20 years ago) “You do not choose Lafayette Square, Lafayette Square chooses you.” This is a feeling that can’t really be explained but is very real.

As the 51st President of the LSRC, I thank the early urban pioneers who had a vision and fortitude to save this one particular neighborhood from the wrecking balls of the early 1970’s. We all salute you!

Matt Negri
LSRC President 2019-2020