Lafayette Square Community Garden


The Lafayette Square Community Garden, created in 1997 at the corner of Park and Dolman Avenues in Lafayette Square, is dedicated to provide a site for residents to grow fresh healthy foods, fresh flowers and herbs in the company of friends and neighbors and to stimulate the knowledge of gardening and promote sense of community and environmental awareness. In past years gardeners have grown a multitude of vegetables, herbs and annual and perennial flowers; there have been paper makers, natural dye makers and herbalists. Whatever your interests, we welcome you to join us on a first come, first served basis.

The Community Garden was purchased and placed in the Gateway Greening Land Trust in 2008. The Lafayette Square Garden was the first in St. Louis to enter into this type of agreement. In 2013, adjacent land to the north was also purchased and placed in the Gateway Greening Land Trust. At this time, the garden expanded from 36 beds to 40. Seven fruit trees were planted in 2015 in the north garden.

The agreements we made to allow the lot to remain a community garden were to maintain the beauty of that corner, increase the number of beds, replace the wooden fence with iron fencing that was in accordance with the Lafayette Square Historic Code, and make space available for all to enjoy when gardening or socializing.

The Main Garden is located at 1701-1707 Park Avenue. The North Garden is located at 1319 Dolman Avenue.