Annual House Tour at 50!

A celebration is coming to our neighborhood! This year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Lafayette Square Annual House Tour! As a part of the publicity and display planning, the committee is asking for exterior photos of your home~~~~BEFORE and AFTER. Maybe you took your own exterior photos or have some from the previous owners, and have taken more as exterior updates were completed. The final photo would be side-by-side comparisons of the completed work alongside the pre-restoration photo. House photos will be chosen by the committee, depending on space available, and will include your address. Ideally, you can send digital files to (

Or, you can place the photos in an envelope with your name and address and drop them in my mail slot, Marty Hauck @ 2336 Park. Photos will be returned to you. Include dates for the photos if you have them. Photos will be displayed in a location to be determined (but will not appear on the annual tour poster).
If your house is chosen you will receive a free 2019 tour poster!

Thanks for your help!