Annual House Tour at 50!

Lafayette Square Spring Home and Garden Tour Celebrates Golden Anniversary

“50 Years of Saving a Place For You”

Plans are underway for a St. Louis tradition, the annual Lafayette Square Spring Home and Garden Tour to be held on June 1 and 2 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The tour is  a special event, and this one promises to be “golden” as Lafayette Square celebrates 50 years of house tours and 50 years of “saving” its neighborhood.

From the “South St. Louis Neighborhood News” 50 years ago:

“A group of property owners in Lafayette Square, concerned at the neglect, deterioration, and destruction of some of St. Louis’ loveliest and most historic houses formed the Lafayette Square Restoration Committee.  The LSRC is devoted to the preservation and restoration of the Lafayette Park area and its members feel this can best be done by individuals who would renovate and restore his own house. For this reason, two of the primary objectives of the LSRC are to attract individuals and families who are potential home owners into the area and to interest those now living in the area to restore their homes. As one means of doing this, the LSRC is conducting a walking tour of the area around Lafayette Square.”

Thus, the first house tour was born. Fortunately, and thanks to the efforts of those residents 50 years ago, the historic homes of Lafayette Square are no longer neglected. This initial effort set the stage for a second and third wave of urban pioneers to buy houses and improve them, literally “saving a place” for current and future residents.

The self-guided Spring Home and Garden Tour begins at the Park House, 2023 Lafayette, where tour-goers pick up their tickets. This year’s tour features a 6500 square foot Romanesque German Revival home with three carriage houses, a stately home from the very first tour on one of the oldest private streets in St. Louis, and lovely gardens that make the most of urban green spaces.  Tour-goers can also view a 50th anniversary display of “before” and “after” photos of Lafayette Square homes that were “saved.”

The two-day celebration will include the Antique Market on the Park, celebrating its 20th year in conjunction with the Spring Tour.  Visitors can shop for antiques, art, and Lafayette Square merchandise as they stroll among the antique booths positioned along the historic Lafayette Park fence. Visitors can also experience a vintage base ball game in Lafayette Park, trolley and carriage rides, and a free concert in the park on Saturday evening.

The Lafayette Square Spring Home and Garden Tour is the largest  fundraiser for the neighborhood.  The tour also provides an opportunity for visitors to see the historic architecture that was “saved,” and view the newer beautiful homes that fill the once desolate vacant lots. Perhaps some will decide to make Lafayette Square their home….. just like the urban pioneers did 50 years ago.

A celebration is coming to our neighborhood! This year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Lafayette Square Annual House Tour! As a part of the publicity and display planning, the committee is asking for exterior photos of your home~~~~BEFORE and AFTER. Maybe you took your own exterior photos or have some from the previous owners, and have taken more as exterior updates were completed. The final photo would be side-by-side comparisons of the completed work alongside the pre-restoration photo. House photos will be chosen by the committee, depending on space available, and will include your address. Ideally, you can send digital files to (

Or, you can place the photos in an envelope with your name and address and drop them in my mail slot, Marty Hauck @ 2336 Park. Photos will be returned to you. Include dates for the photos if you have them. Photos will be displayed in a location to be determined (but will not appear on the annual tour poster).
If your house is chosen you will receive a free 2019 tour poster!

Thanks for your help!

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