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1875 – The Lafayette Square Hotel

By Mike Jones / June 28, 2020

Sometimes a three story hotel on a conspicuous corner will simply disappear. Here’s the story of one in Lafayette Square.

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2020: Lafayette Park Ferns – Of Fiddleheads and Rabbit Holes

By Mike Jones / June 20, 2020

2020: Lafayette Park Ferns – Of Fiddleheads and Rabbit Holes We live in a neighborhood steeped in its own history. The times change fast, but it’s comforting to consider the constants around us, and Lafayette…

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1887 – The Horses and Manure of Lafayette Square

By Mike Jones / June 7, 2020

A recollection of the horses that worked Park Avenue, and what they left behind.

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From The Lafayette Square Archives – Dig In To Your Own House History Here

By Mike Jones / June 5, 2020

Curious about how your house got its start? Mike Boyd of Lafayette Square has news for you.

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Lafayette Square Restoration Committee to Accept Proposals for Website Design

By Dixie Gillaspie / June 4, 2020

As one of the initiatives outlined in the newly released Strategic Plan for Lafayette Square, the LSRC has committed to a complete redesign of their website. It is encouraged for residents and stakeholders of Lafayette…

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