2018 – The Painted Stones Of Lafayette Square

 A Deeper Appreciation For Superficial Things 

Something enchanting about the interplay of surfaces. This narrative was supposed to be about the mysterious painted rocks I occasionally encounter while walking the dog around Lafayette Square ( 7 to 8:30 a.m. on a sidewalk near you). The essay evolved into a general appreciation of the surface interactions we see around the Square. it’s also an outlet for the photos piling up from these morning rounds. It gets around to the rocks, so please read on.



There’s an enjoyment in the way things that aren’t planted pop up on their own …











And a sense of wonder from the simple merging of surfaces.


















Or the layers you might notice, of under a surface, on the surface, and above the surface.

It’s the unintentional interplay of surfaces that sometimes proves the most interesting.



















The visual math is often little more than the sum of light and two objects











Especially enjoyable is the way something pops up that IS planted. With gratitude to the anonymous idealistic someone here who brightens the day with unpredictable and whimsical painted rocks. What rocks, you ask? These,for starters:











Who makes these lovely tokens, and why? Who knows who might have been saved in some small way by the boost a lively stone provided? It’s paint on rock,the interface changing both, demonstrating that matter is different while being all the same. Sometimes little things matter a little more in Lafayette Square