Lafayette Square Historical Archives

The mission of the LSRC Archives Committee is finding, preserving, and making accessible a range of historic and contemporary digital materials relating to Lafayette Square.

The Mop Factory January 7, 2018 - “A skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a beer…and a mop”. The old Zittlosen Building at 1322 Dolman has been a particularly prominent skeleton in the Lafayette Square closet.
Lafayette Square Can Hit Like A Ton Of Bricks (Part 1 Of 3) January 15, 2018 - You won’t find such an array of styles within a single building material as with St Louis City and brick
Waverly Place: Gibson Takes A Gamble December 29, 2017 - Do you know how Waverly Place got its name?
1949 – John Albury Bryan Reboots Lafayette Square December 17, 2017 - This founding father of the rebirth of Lafayette Square never even owned a car, preferring the bus for trips around the country or town.
Your Best Old News Source for Lafayette Square December 11, 2017 - Welcome to the Lafayette Square Archives. We currently have several hundred documents, 92 house tour booklets, and many photos scanned and ready to incorporate into articles for you to enjoy.